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Deshler Alternative School Mission Statement/Truancy

Deshler Alternative School


Purpose and Mission Statement

It is the purpose and the mission of Deshler Alternative School to provide every student in the Tuscumbia School system an opportunity to continue their on-track educational pursuit in a structured, positive reinforced environment that stresses good citizenship, responsibility, and accountability. We believe each student, despite their choices and consequences in the On-campus school setting, are a valued member of the Tuscumbia School System and have the capability for redemption and return to the On-campus school site.


Truancy Policy

Truancy is the habitual and unexcused absence from school.  Parents or legal custodians are responsible for requiring children, under their control, who are under seventeen years of age to attend school on a regular basis. If a student under seventeen years old becomes truant, parents or legal custodians are legally responsible and may be subject to punishmnet by law.  When a student has one absence which is classified as unexcused, he or she is declared truant.

Upon the first truancy, parents or legal custodians shall recieve a warning from the principal along with a copy of Alabama'a cumpulsory School Attendence Laws.  A second warning shall be sent upon the fourth truancy.  Upon the fifth truancy, a conference shall be held by the principal and attendence officer with the parents or legal custodians and the student.  The parents or legal custodians and the student shall be directed to attend Avoid Chronic Truancy (ACT), a HOPE intervention symposium.  Dates and times should be established in advance by the juvenile court.  Failure to attend will automatically move the student and parents or legal custodians to the next phase.  Upon the seventh truancy, parents or legal custodians and the student shall be referred to the Colbert County District Attorney's Office for truancy violations.