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Blogs, Web logs, online journals, or social networking sites are types of Web 2.0 Technologies that our students are accustomed to using in their free time.  Many teachers now want to incoporate these technologies in the classroom.  Why?  To journal, report research, share information, provide feedback, reflect and discuss, and assist in many other activities that the teacher might currently have students write in the classroom. 

With this privilege comes responsibility.  Please view the Teacher Guidelines (add link) and Student Guidelines (add link).  All posts are moderated by teachers and approved before automatically posted online for the rest of the class to see.

Click here (add link) to view our Classroom Blogging Policy - Students and parents must sign a policy for EACH teacher they use a blog for.  Each teacher will keep this on file for the semester/school year.

Follow the links on the left to choose the school and teacher whose blog you wish to view.

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