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303 North Commons Street East
Tuscumbia, AL  35674

Phone:  256-389-2900
Fax:  256-389-2903


Mr. Darryl V Aikerson 256-389-2900  Extn: 9101
Superintendent - Federal Programs Coordinator Email Mr. Darryl Aikerson
Mr. Corey B Peebles 256-389-2900  Extn: 9190
Chief School Financial Officer Email Mr. Corey Peebles
Mrs. Kim N Pesto 256-389-2900  Extn: 9100
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Email Mrs. Kim Pesto
Mrs. Lori Blackburn 256-389-2900  Extn: 9120
System-Wide Nurse Email Mrs. Lori Blackburn
Mr. Jim Grinnell 256.389-2904  Extn: 9152
Maintenance Email Mr. Jim Grinnell
Mrs. Amy Johnson 256-389-2900  Extn: 9191
Acounts Payable Email Mrs. Amy Johnson
Mrs. Sharica Long 256-389-2900  Extn: 9102
Receptionist Email Mrs. Sharica Long
Mr. Chris Hand 256-389-2904  Extn: 9150
Maintenance Director Email Mr. Chris Hand
Mrs. Kathy Howard 256-389-2900  Extn: 9192
Payroll / Accounts Payable Email Mrs. Kathy  Howard
Mr. Tony McKey 256-389-2904  Extn: 9150
Mr. Tommy Milstead 256-389-2900  Extn: 9181
Computer Technology Technician Email Mr. Tommy Milstead
Mrs. Vickey Moon 256-389-2900  Extn: 9160
Career Technical Director Email Mrs. Vickey Moon
Mr. Paul J Pickett 256-389-2900  Extn: 9135
Director of Student Services Email Mr. Paul Pickett
Mrs. Marsha Ricks 256-389-2900  Extn: 9170
Director of Special Education Email Mrs. Marsha Ricks
Mrs. Paige Soeder 256-389-2900  Extn: 9140
Child Nutrition Program Director Email Mrs. Paige Soeder
Mrs. Diann Staggs 256-389-2904  Extn: 9151
Transportation Director Email Mrs. Diann Staggs
Mrs. Suzanne Stockton 256-389-2900  Extn: 9180
Technology Coordinator Email Mrs. Suzanne Stockton
Mr. Russ I Tate 256-389-2900  Extn: 9182
Curriculum and Instruction
303 North Commons Street East | Tuscumbia, AL 35674 | Ph: 256-389-2900 | Fx: 256-389-2903