• Tuscumbia City Schools Educational Continuity and Support Plan

    1. Food Distribution  All food distribution will take place in the back parking lot of Deshler Middle School  Each package will contain 5 breakfast and 5 lunch meals for each child that is present in the vehicle under the age of 18.  Food will only be distributed for each child under 18 that is present.  Please do not get out of your vehicle.  Grab and go meals will begin Tuesday, April 7, 2020 and each Monday following.  Times for distribution begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 11:00 a.m.

    2. Curriculum and Instruction  Tuscumbia City Schools is currently working on a plan to incorporate both virtual and traditional educational opportunities for your child. While traditional school as we know it has been canceled for the rest of this year. All children will have the opportunity to continue to learn.  Students may utilize whichever method they choose in order to continue to learn during this time.  Grades will be recorded for students in order to determine a 4th nine weeks grade. The materials assigned during this time will only cover educational standards that would have been covered during the 4th nine weeks.  Your child’s final average will be the average of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th nine weeks as normal.  During this time, students and parents/guardians will have the ability to contact their teacher in order to obtain educational help through contact methods they currently use. Teachers may also load video lessons through various on-line sources for student aid as well. Teachers will communicate the preferred method to their students.  Virtual instruction will be through Edmentum, Reading Eggs, or Google Classroom. If your child needs their Clever badge to access Edmentum or Reading Eggs, contact your child’s teacher or school.  Senior Students Only: According to the Alabama State Department of Education, Seniors who are on track to graduate and in good standing as of the third nine weeks reporting period will be considered “as meeting the graduation requirements” for the state of Alabama.  Seniors who were not on track must be given the opportunity for credit recovery immediately, rather than waiting until summer programs.  Tuscumbia City Schools will continue to find methods to support seniors’ next steps, such as assisting with FAFSA, scholarship applications, applications for postsecondary opportunities, etc. Please contact Mrs. Caacie Dixon at 256-389-2910 and leave a message if no answer.

    3. Graduation  Unfortunately we are not allowed to state a date and time for graduation. We are hoping, if the Social Distancing policy mandated by the President of the United States and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has ended, that we will be able to still hold graduation in May. When we are able to determine a specific date and time, we will get that information to you ASAP.

    4. Educational Packet Pick-up  Parents may pick up educational packets beginning Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at their child’s school and each Monday after that.  Packet pick up will be located near the front entrance of each school.  Pick up times will be posted on each school’s website.  You may return your packet the next Monday.  GWT and RET will send home all material in one packet. There is not a weekly pickup for the elementary schools.

    5. Technology Check Out  Families may check out digital devices from Tuscumbia City Schools. Currently only one device per family may be checked out.  Device check out will take place on April 7, 2020 in the Deshler Dome to ensure social distancing procedures.  Parents will have to sign for the device, there is no fee for this service but devices must be returned by June 5, 2020.

    6. Special Education/504/EL  During the current school closure, all students who have current IEPs, 504 plans, and EL plans will receive accommodated work based on their current plan.  All parents/guardians with students with an IEP will be contacted by their student’s case manager.  We are developing methods in which to conduct virtual IEP plans as needed. More information will be given by your child’s case manager.  Students with current 504s will have their work accommodated as much as can be done during this time period.  Students with current EL plans will have their work accommodated as much as can be done during this time period.  All students requiring accommodations for extended time will have until June 5, 2020 to have all work turned in to the school.  Any questions regarding Special Education you may contact Marsha Ricks at 256-389-2900 ext. 9170 and leave a message if no answer, you may email her at mmricks@tuscumbia.k12.al.us

    7. Report Cards  All report cards can be accessed through the parent portal of INow. If you have an issue logging in to your child’s portal, email your child’s school for help.

    8. State Mandated Standardized Tests  All standardized tests that have not been administered as yet, will not be administered. 11th Grade students who took the ACT will have those scores either emailed to them or mailed. 12th Grade students who took the Workkeys test should have those results.

    9. Advanced Placement Exams/Semester Exams  There will be no semester exams administered for this semester.  AP College Board has created AP exams that students may take in their home environment. Tuscumbia City Schools strongly encourages students who have taken AP courses this year to take these exams.  The exams have been shortened to around 45 minutes and modified from their old model to accommodate students taking these exams from home. Contact your teacher if you have issues in taking your exams and for review material.  AP exams will only cover material that should have been covered prior to the end of the 3rd nine weeks.

    10. Free Internet Services  If you are in need of the internet or WiFi you may contact the following service providers. Most of this access is limited to 60 days or less. You may call these providers for more details. ****Tuscumbia City Schools does not promote or benefit from any of these companies. This is just for your information and this list may not be all encompassing.  Comcast (1-800-266-2278)  ATT (1-855-336-6372)  Earthlink (1-866-877-0413)  Students may access the WiFi in the parking lot of any Tuscumbia City Schools on their school issued device.  Plans are in the works to open the school WiFi in the parking lots for personal devices.  Students would still have to practice social distancing and not get out of their vehicles.

    11. Dual Enrollment Courses  All students taking Dual Enrollment courses must follow the guidelines of the supporting college or university. Grades will be issued by the post-secondary school and sent to the high school in the normal manner.

    12. Medication  Contact your child’s school in order to return any unused medication. You may also contact Tuscumbia City Schools Lead Nurse Lori Blackburn at 256-389-2900 ext. 9120 and leave a message if no answer or email her at lblackburn@tuscumbia.k12.al.us

    13. CNP Balances  If your child has a current positive balance in their lunch account, you may contact Tuscumbia City Schools CNP Director Paige Soeder at 256-389-2900 ext. 9140 and leave a message if no answer or email her at psoeder@tuscumbia.k12.al.us .  If you do not desire a refund at this time, your child’s lunch balance will carry forward to the 2020-2021 school year.

    14. Additional Assistance  If you need additional assistance during this time period, please contact your school directly.  McKinney-Vento is still in effect during this time period. If you have issues or need assistance during this time, contact Paul Pickett, Director of Student Services at 256-389-2900 ext. 9135 and leave a message if no answer or you may contact him at pjpickett@tuscumbia.k12.al.us  If you have paid for a field trip and need this money refunded, please contact your school. Each school principal or sponsor should contact you in regards to this as well.  If you desire a refund for any paid field trip, you may contact the Tuscumbia City Schools Business Office at 256-389-2900 and leave a message if no answer.

    15. Items left at school  You will be notified by your child’s school as to when your child may return to school to pick any items left in lockers. Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to re-enter the buildings at this time.

    16. Registration  All school registration including Kindergarten registration will begin April 7, 2020. We will still use SchoolMint for our registration platform.  If you need additional assistance with this, you may contact Tuscumbia City Schools SchoolMint Lead Sharica Long at 256-389-2900 and leave a message if no answer.  There will not be a Kindergarten screening this school year.  Students in current grades 8-11 will be sent information as to how to upload their registration requests into their current INow portal. This needs to be accomplished by April 20, 2020. If you do not have access to this, you may scan and email a copy of your registration to your counselor or drop off a copy of the form at the high school.  10-12 Grade Counselor Caacie Dixon cldixon@tuscumbia.k12.al.us 256-389-2910 ext. 1115  9 th Grade and Career Tech Counselor Kendrick Burns kburns@tuscumbia.k12.al.us 256-389-2910 ext. 1117  Deshler High School Principal Gaylon Parker gparker@tuscumbia.k12.al.us 256-389-2910 ext. 1110  Any other issues for Deshler High School Phone Number 256-389-2910

    17. Any questions not addressed  If you have any questions that are not addressed in this document, please contact your local school or teacher. You will be contacted by the appropriate person after your question has been submitted.  GWT 256-389-2940  RET 256-389-2930  DMS 256-389-2920  DHS 256-389-2910  Central Office 256-389-2900