Deshler Middle School Information

  • Deshler Middle School has the utmost privilege of hosting students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Beginning in 6th grade, students are given the opportunity to take charge of their own learning. Students and their parents are able to decide the avenue they want to take through regular or advanced class placement in Math, English, and Science. Each core subject teacher has been A+ College Ready trained with implementation of A+ curriculum in all classes. Students in all three grade levels have various classes offered that appeal to their own interests, including Band, Chorus, Computer Science, and Business Tech. Students in grade 7 also have an Exploratory Class option. This class offers students an introductory level of material in Medical Detectives, Keyboarding, Agriculture, and Art. Our Special Education teachers and Interventionist provide material for struggling students to enhance their learning and academic performance. In recent years, Deshler Middle has shown significant growth in student learning, demonstrating our passion for our students’ education.