Registration Documents

  • As part of the enrollment process, the student’s parent/legal guardian and resident must provide at least TWO (one of the items must be a lease agreement or mortgage statement) of the items listed below along with a current driver’s license (for identification purposes) to establish residency in the school zone.

    1. Apartment or Home Lease/Mortgage Statement (required for enrollment)
      • Lease agreement/receipt
      • Mortgage statement/receipt
    2. Utility Bills or Deposit Receipts (no more than 45 days old)
      • Electric bill or deposit receipt
      • Gas bill or deposit receipt
      • Telephone bill or deposit receipt
      • Water bill or deposit receipt
    3. Property Tax Records or Deeds
      • Deed
      • Tax receipt record
    4. Income Tax Records
      • Copy of W2 form
      • Copy of check from the IRS
      • Correspondence from the IRS
    5. Employment Records
      • Payroll check/stub with fixed name and address.
    6. Registration Records
      • Voter registration
      • Auto registration
    7. Other Official Proof of Residence Documents
      • Social Security records (check from the Social Security Office) or correspondence from other US Government Agencies