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    Thank you for your questions!  We would like to remind you that things change very quickly.  Here are our answers to your question BUT change is very possible!!!! Thank you for your patience! 


    Will virtual start the 20th too? 

    Yes.  Virtual school will begin on the same day as face to face…….August 20.


    My daughter has an IEP. How will that be affected if I choose virtual classes? We will do our best to get special education students the support they need from Mrs. Lindsey and Mrs. Johnson, that may mean the students would be required to get online at specific times each week for their lessons. 

    If I choose virtual learning, does that automatically mean she will have to do that for the entire school year? At this time, virtual students will have instruction from home until Christmas.  Then we will revisit.  Our hope is to start a more normal school year in January!!! 


    When, where and what time do my child need to take the test so his learning path will be provided for his virtual learning? A schedule will be created to accommodate all virtual students to come to RET and take their diagnostic tests so a learning path can be created. We will follow all social distancing and sanitizing guidelines when creating the schedule.  Testing will be in our computer lab and hopefully completed by September.


    When will my child be provided with the website or app and login information to the virtual learning? The plan is to have all of that information given out when chromebooks and school materials are distributed.


    Will the teacher lessons be recorded? Yes, to be watched at the student’s convenience, even multiple times if needed.


    Will my child be required to login at a certain time to complete his daily work? No, watch lessons and complete assignments on your schedule. However, assignments will need to be completed in a timely fashion (within a few days).


    Will they log in at a certain time? Actually have a virtual classroom or will it be like edmentum, etc.? The teacher may use a variety of instruction for virtual including recorded video lessons, Google Classroom, Google Meets, and Edmentum.  It will not be solely Edmentum (like in the spring).  They will not have to log on at a certain time but will be required to log on daily.  Teachers should have office hours to answer questions. Students should have daily assignments, projects, readings, and/or other homework not to exceed 2 hours per day.  


    Will virtual students have access to AR? If our technical department opens the permissions to access AR virtually, then yes. If not, relying on our public library or personal books may be your option.


    Will virtual students who had pull-out intervention last year have any resources/programs virtually? If scheduling a time to work through a Meet/ Zoom style platform is possible during the school day (both student and teacher sides), then we will offer intervention.


    When will the chromebooks be available for pick up? Information about Chromebook pick-up will go out soon, virtual students will also receive other school materials for their lessons at that time.  Stay tuned to our Facebook pages for RET updates.  


    If virtual option is chosen will Chromebooks be provided like the end of last year?

    I need any and all info on virtual learning. What devices are required as I only have a cell phone.

    You may rent a chromebook from RET for $10 to use for virtual instruction.  We will soon announce a pickup date for chromebooks. Stay tuned to our RE Thompson Intermediate/R.E.Thompson PVO Facebook pages.     


    I'm confused about testing. Will my children have to come to the school to take tests? If so, will there be other students there at the same time? Virtual students will need to take their scheduled diagnostic math and reading tests in our computer lab. Social distancing rules will apply.  Weekly subject tests can be taken on their chromebooks at home.  We will expect the students to complete these tests on their own.


    Will onsite testing be paper/pencil or computer based? Computer based


    Will masks still be required at school if the governor lifts the mask order for Alabama at the end of August?  Also are face shields an option without a mask?

    It is difficult to answer the first question.  We will have to address that if and when it happens since we are unable to know all circumstances at this time.  For the second question, Students should plan to wear a mask as the mandate says and if they wish to wear a shield in addition, that will be fine.  

    I literally have one question. It's probably been answered somewhere else and I just missed it..... Will the children be required to wear a mask all day or just while moving about in the building?

    Under the governor’s current mandate, students (teachers/staff) are required to wear a mask unless exercising (PE/recess) or eating. Keep in mind, this mandate is subject to change on it’s expiration date of August 31.   


    For drop off/pick up at RET. with multiple children. Will I have to go to multiple drop off / pick up points or to the oldest kids spot and get everyone in one stop?

    You will be able to drop off and pick up in one location, generally the oldest student’s pick up spot. 


    Will students be able to socially interact with other students?

    There will be structured times of social interaction such as in PE.  We will encourage students to practice social distancing.  We have been advised to practice the 6/15 rule.  


    Will there be an after school program offered at RE Thompson?

    Yes, and we will announce when we will be taking sign-ups and money.  Stay tuned to our RE Thompson Intermediate/R.E.Thompson PVO Facebook pages. 


    My daughter is starting 3rd grade this year. When are we getting the supplies list? Is school starting on August 20? Is there orientation for new students and when if so?

    For $40, RET will order all your student’s supplies for the entire year if you choose to do so.  We have not yet announced a date in which we will be accepting payment.  We hope to announce  soon. Those supply lists are posted on our Facebook pages (please scroll to find them).  Our intention is to have an orientation but if we cannot do that safely, we will have a virtual orientation to be posted on our Facebook.  Please stay tuned to our RE Thompson Intermediate/R.E.Thompson PVO Facebook pages for the most current RET information.     


    SInce other schools in the area are changing their plan, will Tuscumbia City change theirs?  We have not received any indication that we will, but you will be informed as soon as a new plan is issued.

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