School Nurses: The Tuscumbia City School system has one registered nurse who serves as the lead nurse for the system and coordinates health services for all schools. Each school has a licensed practical nurse on staff. The school nurses administer medications, assist students with chronic health conditions, assist with school screenings, monitor for communicable diseases, and provide health education information. 

    Health Plans/Emergency Action Plans:  Health care plans and/or emergency action plans are needed for many students with chronic and/or acute health conditions. These plans are developed by the school nurses and the parent/guardian. These plans help to provide the best plan of care during school hours and events. 

    Medications: If your student should need medication during school hours/events, contact the school nurse. All medications require state-mandated forms to be completed (see documents).  Prescription medications require a physician’s signature and so do some over-the-counter medications.  (For information regarding medications, see medication procedures under documents.)

    School Health Assessment Records: A health assessment is required to be completed and returned to the school during the beginning of the school year and when a new student transfers into our system. You may obtain a form from the school office and/or the school nurse. 

    Immunizations: :  A Certificate of Immunization or a Certificate of Exemption is required. All students 11 years of age or older entering 6th grade will require a booster dose of tetanus-diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap) prior to the beginning of each school year. 

    Tuscumbia City Board of Education

    Lori Blackburn, RN

    Lead Nurse

    256-389-2900 ext. 9120


    G.W. Trenholm Primary:


    David Hamm, LPN

    256-389-2940 ext. 4120


    R.E. Thompson Intermediate:

    Erin Woody, LPN

    256-389-2930 ext. 3120


    Deshler Middle School:

    Jackie Jackson, LPN

    256-389-2920  ext. 2120


    Deshler High School

    Christina Seal, LPN

    256-389-2910 ext. 1120