• Each school in the state of Alabama that houses grades students in grades 2-12 will participate in some form of state accountability testing to determine academic growth, academic proficiency, and for the older students, to determine if they are meeting the College and Career Readiness Standards as outlined by the Alabama State Department of Education.  In order to prepare our students form these tests and to prepare our students to be College and Career Ready, Tuscumbia City Schools focuses instruction on the curriculum standards in English, reading, mathematics, and science as presented by the Alabama State Department of Education.  Tuscumbia City Schools understands the importance of these tests and values the information and data that they provide so that we can meet our students educational needs.

    Tuscumbia City Schools values accountability along with state testing as a way to measure our teaching effectiveness.  In order to ensure that our students and teachers are reaching their full potential, state accountability testing is a necessary component.  Each school and teacher understands that this is a way to determine strengths and weaknesses of their students in order to reach each child in the most effective manner.  While one specific grade does not tell the entire story of each student, one grade does not always inform you of the great things that are happening in each Tuscumbia City School.  Please take the time read and explore the Tuscumbia City Schools report card and if you have questions, please contact your local school principal. 

  • Mr. Bryan Murner

    Tuscumbia City Schools Testing Coordinator

    256-389-2900 ext. 9135