• Parents and Guardians,

     Tuscumbia City Schools believes that in order to provide the best education for your child, we need you as a partner.  You have access to your child's grades, assignments, and absence information through our student information system called PowerSchool.  This system holds all the information that schools must have according to our federal and state laws.  Please ensure that all information is correct, including address, phone numbers, persons allowed to check out your children, and any other pertinent information you feel we need for your child.  It is imperative that this information is kept up to date in order to keep you as informed as possible.  

    Information in regards to PowerSchool.

    • All information is updated every 24 hours. Although information is updated every 24 hours, teachers may not get grades in the computer on a consistent basis.
    • If you need access to PowerSchool or have forgotten your login and password, please contact your local school.
    • PowerSchool provides our communication system information with your phone and email information. If you are not receiving school or system communications, please check your PowerSchool account to make sure your information is correct. You may correct it yourself in Powerschool or call your local school. 
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  • How do I get my user name and password?

  • How do I login as a parent?

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  • How can I access the Parent Portal on my cell phone?