• Before School: Students are not allowed to enter the building before 7:15. If they arrive between 7:15-7:30, they go to the gym. Breakfast is served starting at 7:30. The homeroom bell rings at 7:50 and the tardy bell at 7:55.
    Drop-off Locations
    6th: Front of the school (off of High St)
    7th/8th: Back parking lot at the lunchroom doors (off of Commons St)
    IMPORTANT: Please be sure to always pull forward as far as possible before letting your child out! Also, do not drop your child off on the side of the street or any other location.
    Drop-Off Locations
    Pick-up Locations
    6th: Front of the school
    7th: Lunchroom
    8th: Gym
    Please pick your child up at the designated locations and not at the street, recreation center, etc.
    Pick-Up Locations